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New Addition to the Google Earth and Google Maps Enterprise

20 Apr New Addition to the Google Earth and Google Maps Enterprise


Google Earth and Google Maps are two ways for users from all over the world to access accurate data and view the world as it is right now. They are fast, functional and user friendly to ensure everyone, young and old has the opportunity to learn and enjoy from the simple touch of a button. In order to provide the best service possible for their 100 million+ users worldwide, Google has developed an incredibly powerful infrastructure that can process petabytes of data to deliver information instantly.

With such a powerful process in hand, Google has drawn the attention of many governments and even businesses who would like to access this infrastructure to better manage their geospatial data. Here is where Google Earth Builder comes in. Not only will users be able to process geospatial data in a streamlined manner from Google’s own cloud technology but also build their own personal maps, view and securely share these maps with anyone, anywhere and even save on time, management and server cost.

This is just the beginning; the ultimate goal is to slowly provide more of the geo infrastructure to everyone in order to perform tasks simply and easily in the cloud through Google Earth Builder. With the expected launch in Q3, millions are anticipating this newly opened door to streamline business processes and shape a new world of business both online and offline.

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