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Google Places: Reviews And Ratings Are A Few Clicks Away

18 May Google Places: Reviews And Ratings Are A Few Clicks Away


Google Places recently enabled its users to easily access all content related to their location: ratings and reviews of those particular places.

When users visit their Google Places profile, they will see a link where they can find all their ratings and reviews. The feed is private by default, but users are free to share it if they want.

Google Places also made it possible for users to write reviews and put ratings on Google the places they’ve stumbled upon, whether in real life or on the web. To do this, users should follow these simple steps:

1. Copy the URL of the location you want to rate or review.

2. On the Google Places search box, paste the URL you copied. Google will display location cards that match the feed.

3. You can click on the stars at the bottom of the box to rate place.

4. After rating, a link will appear that says “Write A Review.” Click on the link if you want to write some tips and insights about the place.

Indeed, users can now easily access and/or share their two cents’ on their favorite (or least favorite) locations in just a few clicks, be it around their neighborhood or overseas. As rating apps become more widespread, it becomes imperative that a business perform well. Every misstep can be read by thousands of potential customers and each satisfied customer could send those same thousands to your door.

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