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AT&T Announces a Mobile Advertising SDK

20 Apr AT&T Announces a Mobile Advertising SDK


The telecommunications giant AT&T has announced a new software development kit in an attempt to expand the use of local advertisements within the mobile world. With over 170 million local searchers each month within their own network and the way they connect advertisers to big networks like Bing and WHERE, it’s no wonder they now have plans to create a greater and more targeted reach to consumers.

As mentioned in Forbes, the mobile SDK will be offered to developers in order to help them integrate ads from all AT&T advertisers into their apps for better and more specialized advertising. This creates a great alternative to Google’s AdMob and gives developers a a greater chance for profit since most companies are willing to invest more money on locally targeted ads which tend to have better sales turnaround.

According to an interview of CEO and President of AT&T Interactive David Krantz, the company is currently going through Beta testing and is said to have “exciting initial results”. With approximately a million advertisers and thousands of sales representatives in the AT&T networks, their Yellow Pages group provides free data from their API to third party software developers.

This new mobile advertising SDK certainly has the potential to reshape how mobile advertising is conducted and with it’s first quarter revenues down 172 million from last year’s figures, it’s very exciting to see how it will affect not only their overall revenue but also how it will affect the millions of people worldwide who rely on mobile advertising today.

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