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A Unique Earth Day Celebration

22 Apr A Unique Earth Day Celebration


This year, Google is all about celebrating Earth Day in new and interesting ways. Not only do they have a new interactive homepage doodle, but Google offices worldwide are hosting special Earth Day events. This includes an environmental fair for loyal Google users at the Mountain View, California headquarters, where participants can enjoy earth-friendly contests, speakers, and a cookout using parabolic solar cookers.

Working to make the world greener isn’t just for Earth Day. The Google offices have been carbon neutral since 2007, and launched a new website this week with questions that have lead to many of their environmental initiatives. For instance, how can a data center reduce its energy usage by half? How can the energy supply itself by made more eco-friendly? And how can renewable energy by made more economically feasible?

In 2007, fueled by many of these questions, Google initiated the largest corporate solar installation in the United States when they built panels on their Mountain View campus. Google was also inspired to initiate other eco-friendly measures, including donating to Google user’s favorite charities based on how they self-power their commutes – regardless of the crazy or creative method.

Google’s innovative green streak hasn’t stopped there. The company’s total clean energy investment has surpassed $350 million, including a second power purchase agreement, or PPA. Other new investments include the largest wind farm and solar project in the world, and a solar photovoltaic plant in Germany, their first in Europe. These investments won’t directly supply Google operations with energy, but the company believes they are solid business decisions, destined to inspire the development and usage of effective clean energies.

Earth Day is a perfect time to ask what we, as a society, can do to get closer to real sustainability. Hopefully, individuals and corporations across the globe will put forth a solid effort to reach sustainability, as well.

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